A New River

What a year for the Truckee Meadows watershed. It’s the year everyone knew we needed, but didn’t dare hope for.

Lake Tahoe filled up with it’s greatest rise in history.
The recent heatwave dumped 12 billion gallons into the system.
Even the beaches around Tahoe have “disappeared” from the incredible amounts of water we have now.

Many have recently said that this enormous movement of clean water will in a way, form a new river. Cleaning and scouring the Truckee out, forming new topography, filtering out the years of sediment and trash that has accumulated. I believe they are right. The rebirth we are watching now, as has been true many times before, will be good for the river and all of the life that is attached to and affected by it.

I am reminded once again of nature’s resiliency, and the preciousness of the resources we have in this part of the nation. Let’s continue to do our part in protecting it.

Enjoy your summer!

“Water is a commodity not by any means to be found everywhere…When found, it is more than likely to be bad, being either from a bitter alkaline pool, or from a hole in a creek, so muddy that it can only be called liquid by courtesy.”
-Teddy Roosevelt



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